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Admiral Peppery was formed last August 2011. It all started when Information Technology Orgmates Alvin Guanlao & Joseph Juatco had always had that "urghh" mutual desire to form a Band composing of all-PUPtian members. They went on several occasional acoustic jamming during classes, always having that urge to play in a band together. After some months of bonding and jamming, Joseph introduced his brother Jerald, to play bass and Jerald’s Classmate and former band friend, Paeng, to spot up the lead guitar position. Having their influences from pop, 90’s Rock, Brit acts, to funk and classical music; Admiral Peppery’s sound aims to transcend simple melodies and popish guitar progression with very evident vocal blending prowess and critical lyricism of Guanlao, which is, heard on some of their singles like “Peripheral” and “I’m going to Marry Jane”. Currently, the boys are having spending their lives having their day jobs in the morning and having shows in the evening. Also, the band is preparing and recording their DIY 6- track E.P. to be released in middle of 2012.

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