Andi Torres

Andi Torres is an amateur singer/ songwriter from Pasig City. Before she started songwriting, she was part of a small choir in a small chapel in San Joaquin (the Nuestra Sra. De Guia Chapel). Andi wrote her first song at the age of 14 with love as its theme, not having any intention to have people listen to it, but only to express her feelings that moment. But after feeling good after writing the songs, she started to develop a liking for writing and continued composing songs about love or life. Andi was a grand finalist of the 2011 MUZIKADEMY Songwriting Competition, and have already included one of her tracks ("Wag na Magalit") in a music album produced by independent record music label Downorth Musique in 2012. It is Andi Torres' goal to have people sing to her original songs someday after she masters her craft, and be able to inspire and be the voice of those are unheard. Though already habituated to writing love songs, she wants to write about magic and politics as well.

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