During the summer of 2012, Neil Tin, the lead guitarist of the post-punk band The Naked Lights, contacted Josh Villena, lead guitarist of the alternative rock bands Maya’s Anklet and Peryodiko, and told him about his plan of forming a heavier-sounding rock band. The plan was put on hold until the latter part of the year, when Gep Macadaeg, the drummer of the post-punk band Lip Service, told Neil about his plan of joining or forming another band. Together with Neil’s friend and bassist Timothy “Pabs” Vargas, who was then new to a punk band called Nouveau, the four decided to meet and discuss this project. Sometime in August 2012, they met together and discussed the plan. During that initial meeting, they found a common interest in and appreciation for different influences, mainly dance music, Japanese pop culture and a desire to create a lasting impact on Filipino music. With these in mind, they agreed that they wanted to write and play songs that will be appreciated across the mainstream and independent music scenes and deliver something fresh to listeners. To attain that goal, they shunned the original plan of making heavier music and instead planned to make songs that will not only have a positive and exciting vibe through the conventions of electronic dance music, but also convey a sense of being truly Filipino in theme and orientation.

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