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The origins of the band can be traced back to early 2012 where you find Lianne and Boknoy constantly talk about music. Soon after, the duo got invited to play an acoustic set at a local skating festival. Since then, the two worked on making music together which resulted in over half a dozen songs. Michael Pacalioga offered to play drums for the band. Later on, they hired Raymond Beltran to play bass. This line-up played several gigs before a short hiatus ended the quartet. Months after, the band got back to business. Aiming to make their sound fuller, the band hired Mark Salva to play guitars and sing backup while asking Mark Cabatuan to play the drums. A couple gigs and sessions later, the band self-released a demo EP which fared quite well in their hometown. With influences ranging from gospel to hardcore, the band crafts songs they can call their own.

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