Createurs or formerly known as the Run From Your Lives project is an arts and music collaborative project that gathers talented independent individuals from the underground scene all over the country to produce different kinds of artworks, with a main focus on music. The goal of the project is to produce an art and music album that mostly tackles life topics and issues that we usually run from. An escape from the exhausting drama of real life and eventually having the courage to face them when the time has come. So what's up with the name? How do we read or pronounce that? The name Createurs was selected for two reasons. First, createurs, in French, means the Creators or the Creatives. And second, Createurs can be pronounced as Creatures. A reminder to everyone that there are these creatures in the underground, independent scene; creatures who work hard on their craft, waiting to be noticed, to be appreciated, to be read and to be heard. We are those creatures. And we exist.

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