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by Faintlight
"Fate plays a vital role in the event of all things. Luck just seems to find a way to screw it all up"

I've been looking for a story worth my time
Been to places and spaces and everything in between
Been through tangled bedsheets
And torn-up letters
Never have I been a victim of this
Till that kiss

Can't stop singing about it
Won't stop singing

My heart is standing at the edge of a cliff
Waiting to fall
Keep my head, keep my head
I keep myself locked in
I kept myself locked in
From this desire
Oh, desire

Rewind, backtrack

I've been miscalculating and callous
And now I'm off to fix another dirty bed
Oh, killing time just a little bit faster
Coz what's the point in staying here if it's you
I want

So wait, wait a little longer
So wait, wait a little longer
Oh, you came along and I
Think your story's worth my time
Worth my time

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