Shoot To Kill Lyrics

by Faintlight
"Another sucker punch to the gut.  Knees on the floor and blood spewing out of the mouth.  Referree counts 1..2..3..4.." 

Who are you to say
This the end of the line?
Never utter a word of who's to blame
Or you're gonna get it 

I dont know why you're crying
This is what you need
To excite, inspire and ignite

You know what you should do?
Take a needle and draw an infinite line
Coz this time
We're never gonna let them take us down
All glory comes from the daring to begin
So keep fighting

Shoot to kill

Show us what you got 
Take it from one moment to the next
Leave no room for regrets
Every hero has his moments
Whatever the struggle
Back in the saddle
Taking back our lives

Shoot to kill
We're never gonna let them take us down

Our number's up soon
When that happens
Give them hell

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