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Howler Flavors began in 2010 as an acoustic side project by guitarist-singer Ielle De Lim and drummer Clifford Jongko. The pair quickly decided to shift to a much heavier sound (taking their cue from minimalist garage-rock bands such as Blood Red Shoes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The White Stripes) when the limitations of being an acoustic band became apparent. The band became active in the live gig circuit on the summer of 2012. Their early songs reflected the loud-soft dynamics of their sound: heavy, experimental songs like “Strange Machines” and “Contra Vida” are interspersed with acoustic-tinged songs such as “If Only You Were Here to See This” and “Blame” – the latter two written in the band’s early days. Despite the technical challenges of performing as a two-piece band, they were able to quickly hone their sound, which led to an “album” released in an unconventional manner: Watch This Space is a series of 10 songs released monthly between December 2012 to September 2013. Response has been positive so far. Howler Flavors has recently been guests in pop station DWDM 95.5 and the TV show Letters and Music which airs in Net 25. The band has also finished production on their first proper album, Space, which will be released on August 2014. The first single, “Anticipation”.

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