Ian Rondilla

The 20-year old musician started his music career back in 2010. He proudly released his first recorded track entitled "Flashback" on December of 2011. Then he followed it with his second single called "Remembrance" with Noodle Perez (Nyctinasty) on the next year, which he recommend for the new and old listeners of his music. During that time Rondilla was also one of the Top 15 Finalists of JB Music Live Sessions. He also played a couple of shows with several artists like The Chongkeys, Wilabaliw, Join The Club, Nyctinasty, Earthmover, The Butchercons, Imbue No Kudos, Faintlight, Your Imaginary Friends, Jensen Gomez, Robin Nievera, General Luna, Mayonnaise, Taken By Cars, and many more! After a year of playing shows to promote his first two tracks, he created another masterpiece called "Missed" on March 16, 2013 which is a Karl Roy tribute together with Steve Badiola (Typecast), Noodle Perez (Nyctinasty) & Avie Maria (Bad Hair Day) which was recorded at Tower of Doom Recording Studios. Ian tried the pop genre and published another classic called "Skyline" which is a synth-heavy ballad. He dropped out his newest tune called "Heartfelt" which instantly made a statement. Ian Rondilla decided to pursue a new musical interest in the form of SmallTownEyes.

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